Dance Like Nobody's Watching with Parcels' Lighthearted "Tape" Video


Arguably the finest electro-pop five-piece based in Berlin, Parcels is reviving their 2018 debut self-titled record with a cinematic visual for its captivating fourth track, "Tape." Fusing together elements of electronica, funk, and contemporary pop in their self-titled album, Parcels has most definitely mastered their joyful soundscape with incredible production and arrangement stylings. Ahead of their upcoming Coachella performances, Parcels is proud to present the new music video for their infectiously upbeat track, "Tape."

Directed by Carmen Crommelin, the inviting visual stars Pearl Spring Voss as Penelope, who is also partially depicted on the Parcels album cover. The music video begins with Penelope dancing in a congenial hotel room sporting a plush robe and eventually cuts to a one-take shot of a live Parcels performance, which was filmed at their headlining show at Chicago's Lincoln Hall last month. With her damp hair wrapped in a towel, Penelope eventually finds her groove on the dance floor and even plays a flute during the cheery tune's bridge. At the end of the music video, Penelope is back in her hotel room with an autographed Parcels poster hanging on the wall as she falls into a peaceful slumber with a cheeky grin on her face.

On the "Tape" music video, Parcels shared,

"We wanted a video that tapped into the energy we feel at a live concert. It's another world than the record, it's a whole different feeling and we wanted to give a taste of that. That's why we filmed the live scene in a one-take live scenario, from our onstage perspective, with real fans at the show! We can onstage as an encore that night and we explained to the crowd that we wanted to capture something different with cameras. It was nerve wracking and we totally threw the crowd into the deep end. But it was a good surprise, everyone reacted with a smile, it was a real buzz. Thanks a million to everyone who was at that concert!"

Bust out your best dance moves with Parcels' "Tape" music video below:

Catch Parcels at their upcoming Coachella performances and their ongoing tour in California!

04/13 Indio, CA @ Coachella
04/16 San Francisco, CA @ Regency Ballroom
04/17 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst
04/18 Los Angeles, CA @ The Fonda Theatre
04/20 Indio, CA @ Coachella

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