Dreamer Boy's "Puppy Dog" Is a Dreamy Tale of Puppy Love


Irresistible cowboy pop. A series of words I never imagined stringing together and the only apt descriptor for Dreamer Boy's distinctive sound. The project of Zach Taylor, Dreamer Boy creates infectious bedroom pop inspired by the roots he hammered down in Nashville. And his latest single, released while on tour with Clairo, sees the up-and-coming cowboy pop artist wishing for a friendship to turn into something more amidst a woozy, idyllic soundscape.    

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"Puppy Dog" is through and through a track of puppy love. Detailing a friendship that has turned into an infatuation, Dreamer Boy paints a portrait of an evolving daydream with brushstrokes of psychedelic pop production and vibrant lyricism. "I've been waiting for you to see me like I see you / Staring at you with my puppy dog eyes / Flappy ears while I'm feigning a smile," confesses our lovestruck protagonist in a moment that perfectly balances serene sonics and wistful sincerity. Dreamer Boy spoke further on the new single, sharing,

"'Puppy Dog' is a song we wrote almost a year and a half ago. We're finishing up the new album as we speak, but I wanted to build a little world around this song and let it stand on its own. It's lighthearted but still sincere. It's hoping that person you're into finally sees you as more than a friend. I also just wanted to have fun and dance at the shows with this one."

Dreamer Boy's latest outing has an effortless groove to it, swaying back and forth with the motions, making us forget all about love, friendship, or anything in-between. And therein lies the innate appeal of his irresistible cowboy pop. No matter the subject matter, Dreamer Boy allows us to lose ourselves in his picturesque music.

Listen to "Puppy Dog" below:

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