Elohim's  'Braindead' Is an Emotional Journey in Support of Mental Health Month


Photo:  Tiziano Lugli

Elohim entered the electronic music scene a few short years ago and now stands as one of its most consistently innovative and exciting figures. With her new EP, all this and more rings true, but it feels like we are welcoming a new era of the prolific electronic artist. Shedding the figurative and literal masks she used in the past to hide from the world, Elohim is stepping forward to deliver a poignant musical vision that bears every inch of her heart and soul.

Braindead, the new EP from Elohim, arrives in support of Mental Health Awareness Month, with 100% of the May proceeds of the EP going to charities focusing on providing outreach and support for those living with mental health issues. The rapidly rising electronic artist has been vocal about her struggles and experiences with mental health in the past, detailing them in tracks like "Xanax" and "Panic Attacks." Nonetheless, to dedicate an entire project to the subject in a time where mental health awareness is as needed as ever feels like a godsend. Elohim spoke on what she hopes people can take away from Braindead, sharing,

"'Braindead' is a look into the beautifully broken minds of humans that face the challenges and struggles of mental health issues. We all see the world differently. 'Braindead' is a musical tapestry that I made for people to listen to and hopefully explore their hearts, mind, and the world they live in with less fear, more clarity, and less self-judgement.“

The rich, empathic world of Braindead  embraces it very real highs and lows to beautiful effect. From the opening spoken word narrative of "running," the euphoric title track, to the psychedelic AWOLNATION-assisted serenade of "flagpole sitta," what Elohim has done here is craft a collection inspiring and exhilarating songs that take us through her own personal experiences with mental health. This is a spiritual and emotional journey.

Listen to braindead below:

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