Johnny Ashby Returns to Nature in New Indie Folk Track "Wild"

London-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Johnny Ashby speaks about the importance of adventure in his new single "Wild." The inspiring track touches on the feeling you get after a long trip away and that rejuvenating spring in your step that it gives you. In our busy lives, it's easy to fall into a monotonous trap, with each day passing us by like being stuck on a hamster wheel. Ashby wants to remind us to take a breather, go on an adventure, and reconnect with your inner-self.

"Wild" is warming and stirring both in its sound and theme. Ashby's use of organic instruments delivers something that is real, raw, and authentic. Shimmering strings, ethereal backing vocals, and plucky acoustic guitars burn bright, like the sun peaking through the treetops in a forest. His soothing voice oozes a familiarity that brings a comforting ease.

The new single acts as a follow up to Ashby's track "SOS," which spoke about running away from uncomfortable situations. The musician spills, "I've always written these songs about running away like I'm trying to escape from something and in a sense SOS was a part of that. 'Wild' is written in the aftermath. Every time I've travelled to a new place I've noticed how it's changed me and pushed me to grow spiritually in some way. When I write 'Follow me into the wild' it's like I'm back home after that adventure and I'm saying 'Now what?' That feeling after an adventure when you just want to go back out and find another one!"

With lockdown restrictions starting to ease, we're raring to get out, go on some adventures, and make lifelong memories. Life is too short, so grab that bull by the horns and soak in every experience you can!

Listen to  "Wild" below:

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