Karnaval Blues Effortlessly Blends Heartbreak and Synths in  "You Come With The Rain"


Today, Karnaval Blues released the electronic-R&B "You Come With The Rain" as his second single. His soulful vocals are intertwined with lush synths, reverbs, and tasteful beat drops which are signature for the British producer. This single was inspired by the pitfalls of past relationships and the strange way they can hold you back in future relationships.  

Karnaval Blues shared his personal connection behind his newest single.  

"It's about loss, getting over someone, the separation – and the nostalgia that comes from that."

Around two years ago, Karnaval Blues was working a nine-to-five job at a bank, but after work, he would let his creativity run wild. He would create jazz samples and pair them with his romantic lyricism, which eventually led to "You Come With The Rain."

With Karnaval Blues' first EP on the way, listeners can expect the rest of the tracks to explore both the good and bad sides of love. Karnaval Blues has truly poured out all of his emotions into this project and is excited for listeners to relate to his soaring relationships and unbearable heartache. With two singles already out, Karnaval Blues commented on the EP as a whole,

"I want this record to be listened to from beginning to end. I don't see it as two singles then the rest is there to make it a full album. It's a full project."

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