Kim Petras' "Reminds Me" Is a Breakup Bop for All Your Anti-Vday Needs

Photo: Thom Kerr

Since her inception, Kim Petras has stood as one of pop's most promising talents. The furthest thing from a slow-burn, her early discography felt like it was shouting to the heavens, painting a picture of high-spirited electro-pop catharsis. Today sees our favorite pop star in the making adding to her acclaimed early discography with a veritable Anti-Vday anthem.

"Reminds Me" is an unquestionable breakup bop. Built around a circling, all-encompassing sense of repetition, Petras illustrates the power lingering feelings have on us. In "Reminds Me," every show, every song, and every single place and object serves as a vivid reminder of what was and what could have been. Yet, in spite of the enduring sentiments of heartbreak, "Reminds Me" never feels too mired by its post-breakup reality.

Carried by a hip-hop-inspired backbeat and her larger-than-life vocals, Petras does what she does best; she transforms any and all subject matter into an anthemic and relatable offering. This is the perfect addition to your anti-Vday playlist, designed to be blasted at full volume and without apology. In addition to the new single arrives the announcement that Petras will be joining Camila Cabello on the European leg of "The Romance Tour" in May.  

Listen to "Reminds Me" below:

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