Matthew Chaim Pays Homage to People Who Inspire Purpose in "Reason"


Photo Credit: Leo Zuckerman

Reasons. We swear to and live by them because in theory, every single choice requires one. From opening your eyes in the morning to how you decide to live your life each day, one's motivation is arguably more important than the action itself.  

Straight off single "Sunflowers," a heart-wrenching ode to his late father, Matthew Chaim delves into more introspective themes in "Reason" (Sept. 6). Focusing on the healing power of love and honing one's energy on those reasons that really matter, Chaim delivers an inspirational celebration of the people who encourage us to live our lives to its greatest potential.    

A testament to Chaim's incredible lyrical sensibility, "Reason" hosts a collection of poetic lines that comment on losing sight of one's reasons. Lyrics from the verses represent the maddening effect of losing ones focus in life metaphorically. Stand out lines,  "These maps I keep collecting / Of all the places I'm forgetting / They just don't quite do the trick anymore" and  "The roads I wanna go down / They keep steeping their curves on me / And as soon as I find where to pull the rope / It only grows longer,"  gives the listener a more tangible understanding of this self-destructive plight.  

While the verses represent this struggle, the pre-chorus comments on the temporary solution. "Brew(ing) up a few more green leaves" to "shut(ing) out the world completely," from here Chaim leads his listener to salvation in the chorus.  

With this lyrical salvation comes a musical shift as well. A swell of production leads to a settling percussive groove, as Chaim describes finding his reason. Producer Rabitt's crisp production and strong transitional techniques shine through vividly. A constantly evolving sonic treat, the track seamlessly shifts from languid, cinematic instrumentation into stripped back acoustics, falling into an intriguing, percussive section backed by resounding synths. The result is pure "feel good" music, from the warm message to the blithe musicality, Chaim and Rabitt bring forth a sort of genuine wholesomeness that is often lacking in our culture today.  

Showing no signs of slowing down, Chaim is prepared to release his sophomore EP in the fall while performing his new songs at upcoming dates in Los Angeles and Toronto. Be sure to catch him at ones of the dates below!  

September 19th - Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA
September 26th - Sayer's Club - Los Angeles, CA
October 28th - School Night - Toronto, ON

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