Mia Rodriguez's  "Shut Up" Is the Perfect Pop Bop For This Sick, Sad World

If Mia Rodriguez were a color, she would radiate rainbows, bubblegum pink, and lemon drop yellow. A notion heightened by her latest single "Shut Up," which exudes all of these things and more. Intersecting elements of electronic, dance, alternative, indie-pop, and K-pop, Rodriguez's newest effort offers something for everyone.

Whether you find yourself folding laundry, sitting in traffic, battling the world's woes, or trudging through an awful Hinge date, one can't help but find themselves effortlessly body rolling to this impressively catchy tune. “Shut Up" deftly showcases Rodriguez's confidence and self-assurance as she sings, "And I don't want what the others want / What the others want / Is what I already have," a mindset that we should all learn to embrace.  

With the world currently on fire, "Shut Up" is an instantaneous earworm that at the very least provides a blast of color to any gray day.  "I wanted to feel like a Billion Dollar Bitch. I needed a song that can hype me and my fans up and just bring more confidence out into the world," says Rodriguez. "I wanted to bring a really bad bitch energy to this shitty, sick world right now."

Watch the  "Shut Up" video below:

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