NoMBe Offers a First Look Into 'They Might've Even Loved Me- Re:Imagination'


Almost one year has passed since the release of electro-soul singer NoMBe's debut album They Might've Even Loved Me. Today he announced a collab-packed revival of his album titled They Might've Even Loved Me- Re:Imagination, which is due March 6. The 15 track project took up a majority of NoMBe's time last year, but he was determined to create an unconventional tribute to his first album.

With features from 31 different artists, They Might've Even Loved Me- Re:Imagination  is your one-stop shop to listen to all your favorite artists all in one place. NoMBe meticulously hand-selected artists like slenderbodies, RAC, Louis Futon, and so many more that he genuinely respects to create a tribute album quite like no other.

Today NoMBe dropped "Drama 2.0" and "Eden 2.0," the two lead singles from They Might've Even Loved Me- Re:Imagination. With some traces of the original song, "Drama 2.0″  soars with the smooth melodies from XYLà˜ and percussion-soaked synths from RAC.  "Eden 2.0″ has new life breathed into it from the harmonies of slenderbodies and female vocals from Jacquie. While the original and revised versions of both tracks are catchy electro-pop productions, the new arrangements are refreshing and new entities entirely unto their own.  

NoMBe spoke further on the upcoming project, sharing,

"It's been almost a year that my first album 'They Might've Even Loved Me' saw the light of day and since then, I tried to find innovative ways to go about the remixes. I didn't want to do another remix package however. So the team and I went on a long quest to reach out to a wide array of artists that we loved and asked them to a be part of something more original. It's the most collaborative thing I've ever done and a huge undertaking especially for my team at Th3rd Brain. They've dealt with over 100 artists in the process! Re-writing verses, re-producing, re-tracking, re-imagining these original songs. This project is not a remix album. It is a labor of love reinterpreting 'They Might've Even Loved Me.'"

For more from NoMBe, revisit our exclusive performance and interview with the visionary electro-soul artist below.  

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