NoMBe's 'They Might've Even Loved Me (Re:Imagination)' Is Brilliantly Ambitious


They Might've Even Loved Me (Re:Imagination) is not a remix album. Last year saw the release of electro-R&B visionary NoMBe's debut album, which would go on to be streamed millions upon millions time and receive widespread acclaim. Narrating a brutally honest tale of lust, romance, and heartbreak, They Might've Even Loved Me stood out as one of the best albums of 2018. A year later, NoMBe revisits the dreamscape of his debut album to present a project that exceeds the expectations of what any remix album could hope to achieve.

Enlisting over thirty artists, They Might've Even Loved Me (Re:Imagination) is a wondrous return to the world of NoMBe's debut, presented in an entirely new light. The new project, which arrives just shy of a year after the original release of They Might've Even Loved Me, is a realized labor in love. Featuring everyone from Skott, Thutmose, slenderbodies, RAC, to Transviolet, NoMBe has reworked his spectacular debut from the ground up, re-writing, re-tracking, and re-producing 15 tracks to deliver a project that stands on its own as an expectational collection of work entirely unto its own. Speaking on bringing They Might've Even Loved Me (Re:Imagination) to life, NoMBe shared,

"It's been almost a year that my first album 'They Might've Even Loved Me' saw the light of day and since then, I tried to find innovative ways to go about the remixes. I didn't want to do another remix package however. So, the team and I went on a long quest to reach out to a wide array of artists that we loved and asked them to be part of something more original. It's the most collaborative thing I've ever done and a huge undertaking especially for my team at Th3rd Brain. They've dealt with over 100 artists in the process!!!!!! Re-writing verses, Re-producing, re-tracking, re-imagining these original songs. This project is not a remix album. It is a labor of love reinterpreting 'They Might've Even Loved Me' we call Re:Imagine. Endless gratitude to all the artists involved and the whole squad at 3B."

With its host of features and brilliant direction, returning to the world of They Might've Even Loved Me (Re:Imagination) a year later feels just as astonishing as it did the first time we heard the first seconds of "Wait." This is a newly reimagined venture that is worth losing yourself in all over again.

Listen to They Might've Even Loved Me (Re:Imagination) below:

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