Pinkpantheress Wants to Know... "Do you miss me?"

After breaking out and blowing up in 2021 with her debut mixtape to hell with it, British singer-songwriter and producer PinkPantheress is back with her third single of 2022, “Do you miss me?,” boasting production credits from Kaytranada and phil. Time and again, the 21-year-old has delivered snappy, repeat-worthy songs that push her unique flavor of pop—think sugar-coated breakbeats, or Y2K nostalgia on 1.5x speed—to the forefront of today’s musical landscape, and her latest release is no exception.

“Do you miss me?” is a swirling, multi-layered track that, at just over two minutes long, sketches a bittersweet story of feverish attachment and subsequent heartache. PinkPantheress’ silvery and wistful voice opens with the lyrics, “I can't let go of your hand / I can't even breathe without you,” only to sing “All I wantеd was to scream / When I saw one of hеr messages that popped up on your screen” a few bars later, outlining a relational arc in a brief couple of verses and showing off the singer’s knack for succinct storytelling.

But while its lyrics are doleful, the track is most definitely not, with a thumping bass drum and syncopation galore making it relentlessly catchy and brimming with effervescent energy. Garage and drum’n’bass elements like these are hallmarks of PinkPantheress’ trademark sound, but “Do you miss me?” sees her venturing outside of familiar territory with more generous helpings of analog instrumentation, from contemplative pianos to subtly swelling strings to a bright steel-string guitar on loop. Paired with a frenzied outro of pitched-up vocals, the single stays dynamic to its very last second, proving itself to be another dance-driven addition to PinkPantheress’ immaculate catalog. 

Watch the "Do you miss me?" lyric video below:

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