REI AMI Finds Herself Uninhibited in "RUNAWAY"


Duality is at the core of REI AMI. It can be derived from her name, taken from two Sailor Moon characters, Sailor Mars (Rei) and Sailor Mercury (Ami); it can be seen in her hyphenate upbringing, born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Maryland; most of all it can be heard in her music - in the chaotic and grandiose revelations mirrored directly against the sentimental bouts of introspection.

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Yet, duality seeks not to limit the creative expression of REI AMI but merely serve as the foundation for this multi-faceted artist. "RUNAWAY," her latest single, sees her delivering an ominous pop offering that is 100% REI. Haunting, larger-than-life, and utterly transfixing.

They say the world will end not with a bang but a whimper, but the world of REI AMI's "RUNAWAY" begins and ends with an explosion. Booming lows foreshadow what is to come, alarming clicks drift through the air, and it all culminates in what can best be described as the joyous shouts of kids at a children's birthday party. The inherent juxtaposition between the ominous production and sudden cathartic bursts perfectly sets the scene for the emotional battleground that is "RUNAWAY."

The REI-centric single is REI AMI uninhibited, and the lyrics, which range from surefire delivery and pitched-up, horror movie - evoking hysterics express it all to perfection. "Daddy I took off the collar / Now they don't know what to call her / Now they don't know what to call her," delivers REI AMI in three entirely separate tones, as if each side of her is battling for supremacy.

Altogether, "RUNAWAY" could very well score any horror flick or uninhibited night out. Keen to rapidly and recklessly play with accepted pop conventions, it is ominous pop at its finest and most unrestricted.

Listen to "RUNAWAY" below:

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