Remi Wolf Charts Out Two Complementary Yet Diverse Sonic Paths in "Toro" and "Alone in Miami"

Photo: Ragan Henderson

Singular rising pop star and master of modern funk Remi Wolf has released a pair of invigorating tracks from her upcoming sophomore album Big Ideas, set to release July 12 via Island Records. This release follows the lead single that instantly captured listeners’ hearts, “Cinderella.” “Toro” and “Alone in Miami” were written in the same week and were always intended to be listened to back to back, as stated by Remi herself. It makes complete sense, the tracks are complementary in theme and subject matter but especially shine in the ways they differ from one another.

“Toro” is a sonic explosion detailing a chaotically intimate moment of pause within the rising star's busy jet-setter lifestyle. It’s the best of Wolf’s 80’s 80s-inspired soul-pop language and an unapologetic expression of pleasure, brimming with fantastic wordplay and unbridled personality. The second verse somehow continues to heighten the energy, as Wolf's passionate vocals mimic the bliss she’s experiencing. She calls herself the toreador (bullfighter) to her lover’s toro (bull), Spanish nicknames that tie into the accompanying track. In “Alone in Miami,” we see the aftermath of when Wolf leaves the hotel room to experience the complexity of Miami while feeling fundamentally misunderstood.

“Alone in Miami” pulls inspiration from '90s grunge pop, possessing an entirely new sonic energy that still feels cohesive to its companion track. Wolf writes viscerally, combining modern references and everything Miami has to offer while painting a clear setting for the music. The heightened energy of “Toro” is shifted into a potent numbness, mimicking the lyrical exploration of feeling isolated and misunderstood. Wolf's vocals are desperately stunning, showcasing what happens when the passion fades, and being surrounded by drugs, parties, and people is not enough to cure isolation.

Big Ideas is shaping up to be an enthralling follow-up to Remi Wolf’s 2021 debut Juno, even with only three tracks to judge by. “Toro” and “Alone in Miami” are clear indicators of Wolf’s unique introspection conveyed through specific visualization, infectious sonic soul, and honesty always at the core. On the upcoming album, Wolf says she wrote about “love, lust, anger, fantasies, harsh realities, vices, low lows, and high highs.”

Watch the "Toro" video and "Alone in Miami" visualizer below:

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