Ryan Caraveo Returns With the Intoxicating "Deceived," His First Song in Over a Year


Photo: Connor Jalbert  

With a vulnerable lyrical flow reminiscent of Drake at his peak, Ryan Caraveo's future in hip-hop is certain. An exceptional talent at transforming his triumphs and struggles with loss, heartbreak, and his own inner demons into exhilarating left-of-center hip-hop, we could not be more ecstatic to lose ourselves in the world of "Deceived," the artist's first new single in over a year.

"Deceived" follows At Least I Tried, Caraveo's acclaimed sophomore album, and it is a brilliant illustration at what the Seattle native does best. An utterly intoxicating wave of dark, hypnotic production, the soundscape of "Deceived" is one worth delving into with reckless abandon. Yet, juxtaposed against the transfixing production and euphoric melodies is Caraveo's gift for heart-rending lyricism that touches upon a story of betrayal. Caraveo spoke on what inspired "Deceived," sharing,

"'Deceived' is a moody banger. It sucks when you're still hung up on someone who's already over you. It sucks even more when they continue stringing you along."

Mesmerizing in every sense of the word, "Deceived" is the brilliant first page in Caraveo's next musical chapter, and it is a story that we cannot wait to unfold.  

Listen to "Deceived" below and catch Caraveo on tour with Dennis Lloyd this spring:

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