Slow Pulp: From Playgrounds to Playing Crowds [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


Paying homage to the vastly popular 90s rock group, the neo-grunge Slow Pulp is reviving and revolutionizing the alt-rock genre. Originally from Madison, WI, but now based in Chicago, the quartet is comprised of drummer  Teddy Mathews, vocalist Emily Massey, guitarist Henry Stoehr, and bassist Alex Leeds. Apart from their front woman, who joined the group at the end of 2016, the band started playing music together in grade school. Not much has changed since then, except that playgrounds have turned into dimly-lit, crowded venues.  

The quirky group of artists creates their sound based on their sight and vice versa. They are visual artists as well as musicians, and use a full spectrum of both color and sound in order to produce uniquely versatile electro-pop grunge anthems.  

Their recent Big Day  EP, which dropped May 15, is on the brink of reaching one million streams on Spotify, while their hit single from 2018, "Steel Birds," has already surpassed the one million mark on its own. The recent EP is short but sweet, featuring four uber-moody yet hard-hitting tracks. The first,  "Do You Feel It," opens the project with an ethereal synth-driven intro that banters with and experimental keyboard and is eventually overtaken by Massey's  empyrean croons. The remaining three tracks, when heard in succession, create a starry lullaby-on-the-move; soft but sure-footed, and landing like a butterfly in the palm of ones hand.  

Dive headfirst into Slow Pulp, and discover a dark musical aesthetic with a nightlight of hope whose perspective and maturity sounds similar to the way red wine tastes.  

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