10 Questions with SOMOH on Her Debut EP 'A Plan to Get Home' [Q&A]

Fresh off her debut EP ‘A Plan To Get Home,' London based SOMOH aka Sophia Mohan doubled up her creative impression upon us by sending the visualizer for the title track, and we were accordingly doubled intrigued. Wanting to know more about this 20 year chanteuse, we reached out to learn more about her process, upcoming tracks and hopes for ice cream weather: 

What is ‘A Plan To Get Home’ all about?

The project captures navigating childhood into adulthood and all the mixed feelings that come with that time. Each track covers different topics, from love to angst to self-discovery.

It’s your debut, congrats! How would you describe your sound?

Thanks so much! This question is so hard for me answer concisely, but I’d say mainly I take inspiration from the softness of bedroom pop and the instrumentation of 90’s indie rock.

We love visuals, how’d you settle one the concept / narrative?

The title track ‘A Plan To Get Home’ was based on shitty night out and so desperately wanting to go back to the safety net of my own home. The concept fell into place easily, as it was so heavily inspired by my own experiences. It was even easier to get ‘into character’…I nearly cried mid-shoot tapping into those feelings!

Who directed the video?

The video was directed by Joel Johnston (aka Far Caspian). I’ve worked with Joel on almost all the musical and creative elements of my projects. I was a fan of his music before getting to this stage, so it’s always kind of surreal working with someone I admire.

Can we expect more videos & songs soon? Potentially ahead of an upcoming album?

Absolutely! I’m writing a bunch and working hard to make my songs come to life. There will definitely be another project this year that’s for sure!

Besides this excellent video what else should we be on the lookout for?

Apart from a new project, I’ll be doing many more live shows as that’s a goal of mine. Maybe a tour…but you didn’t hear that from me!

What’s inspiring you right now outside of music?

Honestly strangers, my friends and my girlfriend. I love being a nosy Nancy, you get the best inspiration from that.

Best thing about spring into summer (if anything)?

I’m definitely a spring over summer person, but bring on summer weather please! I’m tired of rain…I need ice cream weather.

Musically who is new but making all the right moves? Who are your current OnesToWatch?

I’m absolutely obsessed with Lily Konigsberg at the minute. Her instrumentation is fantastic and has definitely inspired my growing love for a folky soundscape. Also Indigo De Souza, she’s been around for a while but she’s so amazing at bringing the emotion to each and every song. I had the pleasure of seeing her live and it made me fall even more deeply in love with her artistry.

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