There Is Only One Netta [Q&A]

Photos: Livia Lange

You are a bit delinquent if you haven't caught the awe inspiring persona that is Israel's Netta. A woman of high friction fun, her live shows and performances are superlative generators. Born in Nigeria but raised in Israel, she was unexpectedly the winner of the 2018 Eurovision contest that took her out of the Tel Aviv scene into world prominence.  

The past several years have seen her writing, releasing, and performing virtually before finally touring as pandemic restrictions lifted to solidify her footprint as a must-see act. We caught up with Netta at a recent LA show, documenting her full spectacle as well as diving into her latest release.

Who is Netta? How would a fan get to know you better?

Netta is sugar spice and everything nice, but basically a looping artist and a musician. You can know me best if you follow me on instagram and TikTok, pleasure promised.

We got to document one of your headline shows here in the US, how was that experience for you?  

It felt like a start of something. I wasn't expecting anything and when i first saw the crowd i was overwhelmed that the crowd was so diverse. I can’t name a certain age or a certain community. It was so colourful and I’m so thankful.

We love how you describe your early success as clumsy and weird. How do you feel now?  

Still clumsy and weird. But I guess that’s a part of me that will never change.

What’s your latest release "I Love My Nails" all about?  

"I Love My Nails" is a love song. It’s about, showing up for yourself when no one else seems to do so. When I'm singing "I Love My Nails," I'm actually singing I love myself, unapologetic, bold, colourful, loud, and tacky. Painting and building my nails is self-care for me. It's my color therapy. My heart was broken this year, in the classic painful way, and in a weird funny way, my nails lead me back to my own path.

You have such a unique range of influences to pull from. How do you settle on a sound for a song?  

It can be everything from Fela Kuti to the sound of my fresh nails after I had them done at the salon.

Can we expect more of the vibes present on "I Love My Nails" in future releases?  

Yes and no. I don't want to explain because then I’ll ruin the surprise.

Besides this excellent single and your latest tour in the US, what else should we be on the lookout for?  

Once again, surprises are only good when you are surprised. There's no fun in spoilers.

Spring is upon us, how do the seasons affect you as an artist?  

Recently, I moved near the sea, and to watch it change every day was humbling and gave me perspective. Standing near the big waves and being in sight of storms in winter gave me a lot of peace of mind and inspired me alot. I’m ready and excited for the spring and for what it will bring.

Musically, who is making all the right moves? Who are your Ones To Watch?  

Rosalà­a is right know the artist that I admire the most. Nathy Peluso is also giving me everything. There is so much power intelligent and sex in these woman's music I part envy, part admire. I hope one day I can reach their craft level.

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