Ally Nicholas Tackles Heartbreak with "Feels Like Dying"


Photo By: @abbisandman

Heartbreak. An emotion so strong that it has the power to manifest itself into physical pain. During the depths of a breakup, it feels impossible to do anything, like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. Yet artists like Ally Nicholas are somehow able to transform this inescapable abyss of emotion into a stunning piece of art. In her debut single, "Feels Like Dying," Nicholas has crafted a hauntingly beautiful ode to heartbreak, perfectly capturing the emotions that come with this unavoidable part of the human experience.

The track opens with a simple guitar loop and Nicholas' crooning vocals. As the song progresses, listeners hear Nicholas reclaim her strength and build back her self-confidence after boldly proclaiming her pain and sadness. The production on the track is minimal, letting Nicholas' vocals captivate listeners. Her voice is clear, strong, and unwavering. "Feels Like Dying" strikes the perfect balance between hopelessness over a situation and slowly finding yourself again.

Just as captivating as the track itself is the video, which is a must-watch. It's a visual materialization of being stuck in your own head, when all your thoughts are clouded, and you can't focus on anything going on around you. The muted colors and blurred silhouette of Nicholas perfectly capture the feeling of heartbreak-induced isolation.

Nicholas' talent as an artist is undeniable and her success is inevitable. Despite growing up and feeling like a perpetual outsider, it's clear she has found a home within music. Her dark aesthetic perfectly juxtaposes her light and airy vocals. "Feels Like Dying" is just a glimpse into the world of music awaiting to be crafted by Nicholas.

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