Ant Saunders Is Stepping Out of His 'BUBBLE'


Ant Saunders, the gift that truly keeps on giving. The young artist took the world by storm last year when he released "Yellow Hearts" on the day of his high school graduation. After a few short months and some traction on TikTok, the song lead him to the Billboard Hot 100. From there, he's blessed us with a rework of "Yellow Hearts" featuring fellow breakout star and Ones To Watch favorite, Audrey Mika, some more singles, a sprinkle of music videos, and now, his debut EP,  Bubble.

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As many artists do after a hit, Saunders signed a record deal, finding a home at Arista Records. As most artists do not do after signing with a top-notch record label, Saunders opted to create his debut EP completely himself. Bubble is entirely written, recorded and produced by Saunders, serving as a testament to both his creativity and willingness to put himself fully into each and every track. The rising artist spoke further on his debut EP, sharing,

"When writing the EP, I wanted to present it from the perspective of my consciousness growing up. I was always (and still am) a shy and anxious person. Doing what I was most comfortable with and disregarding what everybody would think was what I would aim for, but I restricted myself. It was the type of restriction which, in my mind, felt like being inside a bubble. My goal is to reach people that have had similar issues growing up, or are facing these issues now, and uplift them. Everybody should have the ability to do as they please without doubting themselves."  

The cohesive sound behind the six tracks that make up BUBBLE all contain a hint of soul, reminiscent of an old school, lovestruck R&B vibe. We certainly see the lyrics linking with Saunders' stage of life - fresh out of high school and navigating his way through life.  

In addition to release of BUBBLE, Saunders has also gifted us with a music video for the vintage, groove-inducing  "MISCOMMUNICATIONS."

Listen to BUBBLE and check out "MISCOMMUNICATIONS" below:

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