Huron John Ends Two-Year Hiatus, Drops “JUST ME & FRIENDS” and Album Announcement

What have you been up to the past two years? You probably have a few answers to this question, but if your name is Huron John, then you have just one: working.

In the time that has passed since the 2021 release of Huron John’s sophomore record cartoon therapy, our hero has undergone a journey of both interstellar length and depth. Linking every experience, decorating John’s tapestry of transcendent releases, is the common thread of a hard-working artistic spirit committed to evolution and undeniable creativity. Earlier this year, John announced that his third record was on the way, and today, months of anticipation culminate in the release of its first single, “JUST ME & FRIENDS.”

Abandoning the comfortable familiarity of Apocalypse Wow and cartoon therapy’s funk-laden bedroom pop, “JUST ME & FRIENDS” takes a risky step forward, synthesizing ethereal neo-psychedelia with pristine alt-pop and indie stylistics. Co-produced by Matt Neighbor, this new track sees John elevating his sound to new heights with refreshing originality at every turn. The result is an undeniably charming track that reflects an affinity for clever writing that is just as inspiring as it is understated. If cartoon therapy was 'trauma exorcism,' “JUST ME & FRIENDS” is a love letter to honesty and pure connection in the pursuit of spiritual harmony.

With more music (and live shows) planned before the end of the year, there has never been a better time to be a fan of Huron John. Though gone are the halcyon days of listening to “Maple Syrup Tears” during lockdown, today fans can rejoice with new Huron John music that celebrates the mutual metamorphosis that we’ve all undergone since.

Listen to “JUST ME & FRIENDS” below:

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