Je$$e  Debuts with the Punk Influenced Single  "Barbie"


The Ohio native, Je$$e, has been surrounded by music since a young age with both his dad and grandpa influencing his music taste. The 17 year old artist, producer, and songwriter, merges these early influences with contemporary alternative hip-hop elements to create his own exciting sound.  

Je$$e's debut single  "Barbie" is hard-hitting, punk infused and shows his ability to pen a memorable hook. The song also has an accompanying music video directed by John Buchanan of the rising production company Soul Serum. The video gives Je$$e a cartoonish and larger-than-life aesthetic showing him serenading life-sized Barbies. The video perfectly matches the fun and charismatic demeanor of the artist and track.

"Barbie" pushes the envelope of alternative hip-hop while paying homage to classic grunge styles. Je$$e is just beginning his career and he already has a strong trajectory towards stardom.  

Watch  "Barbie" by Je$$e below:

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