Maisie Peters Channels an Arena-Sized Sound in "Cate's Brother"


Photo:  Erik Rojas

There seems to be no stopping Maisie Peters. The UK singer-songwriter has an undeniable penchant for transforming her tightly-held secrets into sonic diary entries with radio-ready potential. And with each new release, Peters is maturing from your favorite artist next door (or across the pond) into a stadium-ready tour de force.

Released while currently on the road with Ed Sheeran, "Cate's Brother" marks the first single since last year's release of Peters' lauded debut album, You Signed Up For This. Signaled by a glorious, '80s power chord evoking intro, it's difficult not to draw comparisons to the forbidden romance of seminal karaoke song "Stacy's Mom." Yet, this story is all Peters as she races arms wide open toward love with reckless abandon.

"I wrote this song in Stockholm at a time I was revisiting a lot of the pop punk music I grew up listening to and thinking about how live I wanted my next era of music to feel" Maisie explains. "I always wanted to be in a band and so I channelled that energy into this song about my friend Cate's brother, that's become this whole universe bigger than both of us."

Inspired by a true story, the release of "Cate's Brother" was already gaining traction before its release, with one of its teasers racking up over five million views on TikTok. And it's not difficult to see why. The single elevates Peter's affinity for confessional storytelling to newfound heights, as she lets her heart spill out on the floor against a backdrop of glittering, swelling production and arena-sized sing-along moments. It's a bubbly sweet pop moment that only gets more delectable with each additional listen.

Listen to "Cate's Brother" below:

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