Maisie Peters' Sonic Diary Entries Take the World Stage on  'You Signed Up For This'

Maisie Peters has made a career out of transposing her diary entries into universal sentiments, finding the commonality hidden behind deeply personal moments of pain, joy, heartbreak, and the seemingly mundane. It's this simple yet profound sentiment that arguably led the rapidly rising British artist to become the first artist signed to Ed Sheeran's Gingerbread records. And after releasing her sonic diary entries out to the world for the better of the last four years, Maisie's long-awaited debut album, You Signed Up For This, arrives as a touching and anthemic reflection of Maisie, the artist and young adult.

"I am 20 and probably upset right now / I still haven't got my driver's license / I am sorry to make it about myself again," opens Maisie, wasting no time in setting the self-confessional tone for what's to come. While the candid songwriting nature can be traced back to much of her earlier works, there's a noted evolution to be found in You Signed Up For This' 14-track run. An evolution that speaks to a budding, globe-spanning star power.

Maisie's talent for balancing heartfelt storytelling with a pop star poise well beyond her years rears its head most noticeably on standout tracks like the previously-released "Psycho" and the undeniably delightful Y2K-evoking "Boy." The latter calls to mind the very best of early 2000's UK pop, albeit transformed to hit home to a uniquely modern audience. That's not to say You Signed Up For This forgoes Maisie's trademark moments of poignant acoustic-led reflection, with "Talking To Strangers" and "Love Him I Don't" serving as bright yet sobering detours into the UK rising star's heart.

As You Signed Up For This reaches its foregone conclusion, it's evident that Maisie has come an astronomical way from busking on the streets of Brighton. Yet, where most budding pop stars would shed what made them so relatable in favor of attaining an air of unattainability, Maisie manages to emerge from her perfectly-polished debut album as that same girl who busked on Brighton, only a little wiser now and ready to take the world by storm.  

Listen to You Signed Up For This below:

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