Mark Diamond Pours His Heart Out in Promising Debut, 'Hummingbird One' EP


Seattle-native, Los Angeles-based artist,  Mark Diamond,  is making the most of getting kicked out of college. While working at a Seattle coffee shop over the past four years, he honed in on finding his unique voice. It all paid off with an impeccable EP filled with indie-pop perfection, and the early signs of a very promising career ahead. Moving away from the Seattle coffee shop to LA sparked the beginning of his professional music career with Republic Records. His debut EP, Hummingbird One,  tells the story of falling in love and the recovery process after that relationship comes to an end.

The four track EP is a modern take on Diamond's classic influences, pulling inspiration from childhood memories of listening to Tom Petty, Hootie & The Blowfish, The Beatles, R.E.M, and Robbie Williams  with his dad in a 1969 Chevy Malibu. These timeless styles are reimagined and channeled in Diamond's unique blend of relaxed synth-pop. On the EP, Diamond shared,

“Making 'Hummingbird One' was such a special experience. I've never made music this quickly before in my life. It makes it even more special because these songs are me, right now, in this exact moment. I can say confidently say that these songs are exactly the way they want to be. I feel very connected to this universe after making this. ”


The toughest part of a break up is always learning how to move on, and Diamond recounts his personal struggle in "Promise." A guitar-heavy bop, Diamond makes his "promise" to "keep loving [the subject of his song] forever" despite their separation. He yearns to be near and feel her "one more time," reflecting his struggle to let go. The next step in a break up is seeing your ex get with someone who isn't you. Diamond aches to be "the one to make [the subject] feel it" in "Steady." We don't know if it worked, but his stunning voice could surely lead anyone to fall in love with him.

Diamond takes a step back and slows things down in "London." Reminiscing on his failure in the relationship, Diamond wishes he "could take it back" and start over. He concludes the EP on an optimistic note. Compared to the melancholic feeling of the other tracks, "Road" is a hopeful song of love in which Diamond discusses his love of balance in life.

Be sure to experience Diamond's heartbreak and hope in Hummingbird One  down below:

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