Max Leone's  "The Beach" Effortlessly Pulls You In

If you need a little lift in week ??? of quarantine, look no further than Max Leone. Today sees the rising artist releasing his latest dreamy single "The Beach," and it will have you reminiscing about the feeling of saltwater and lost love. His third single of the year, Leone has entered the bedroom pop arena with a resounding bang. He's evidently already part of the in-crowd, producing the new track with a little help from Alexander 23.

In tune with Leone's previous single,  "Cautious," "The Beach" is a forlorn ballad combining introspective lyricism and experimental, undeniably moody beats. The track is focused on a flame that Leone just can't extinguish, explaining the lyrics revolve around "that person you keep going back to, even though every time you give them another chance they let you down." It is a perfect metaphor for that relationship you just can't kick, like the beach always taking the ocean back, even when the waves are destined to retreat.

He describes the fate of falling too hard for someone who doesn't love you back, crooning "You're like the beach / And I'm drowning in the sea." At the same time acknowledging he'll make the same mistake again, he erupts with frustration, singing, "Never learn I'm such a fool." Safe to say we've all been there.

Leone is quickly building a solid portfolio that showcases his ability to find beauty in sorrow. Since leaving the Berklee College of Music, he's been working on his own productions full time under the wing of Darkroom Records. Currently, Leone is crafting his debut EP with the label, which is set to touch on themes of self-doubt, nostalgia, and chasing the dream of becoming an artist. Catch him now while he's still under the radar, because by the end of 2020 we're expecting Leone to hold a steady presence in pop's next wave.

Listen to  "The Beach" below:

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