Meet Choker, the Most Underrated Rising Artist of 2019 [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


Fans of Choker seem to share the same sentiment at the moment - why is nobody listening to his music? The up and coming Michigan-based artist currently has a little under half a million listeners on Spotify, but based on the quantity and quality of his music, you would expect his numbers to be far higher. His sound falls into a gap between pop, indie, and R&B but exudes creativity as it floats through different artistic spaces. Though his vocals are often likened to Frank Ocean, as it seems most successful male R&B vocalists of a similar style are, Choker deserves to be discussed as a storm of his own.

Choker's name doesn't match his music, a purposeful move according to his 2017 interview with Complex. He explained,

"Choker stems from the energy and mystique surrounding old metal acts. It sounds like some spin kick mosh shit or a band that gets banned from venues for assaulting security. I wanted a name that clashes with the type of music I make."


His name suits the rest of his artistry, as none of it adheres to a strict ebb and flow, or creative theme for that matter. His first album Peak arrived in 2017, a collection of synthy, inventive pop music with a soulful twist. Choker is predictably unpredictable, courageously including playful samples, spoken word-style verses and warped vocals where he sees fit.

 Choker chased Peak with his 2018 album Honeybloom, in which he delivers a poetic discussion including perceptions of masculinity, entitlement, choice, love and a whole lot more. His latest release is a three song EP titled Forever and A Few, which includes his falsetto-laced standout single "Lucky."  

Choker has the ability to create distinct sections within a song, effectively making a single song feel like a collection of two or three. "Lucky" is a perfect example, changing feel numerous times without sounding contrived.

If Choker's discography leaves you wanting more, and it will, he has a handful of vlog-style music videos to bide your time, all released through his label Jet Fuzz. Though we're confused by the current lack of virality surrounding Choker's music, we're more than happy to sit back and watch his inevitable and meteoric rise.

Be the first of your friends to listen to Choker, and be sure to get acquainted with his early stuff before he drops his next project. Want to see him live? Check him out at one of his upcoming US shows.

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