PHANGS' Humble Vocals Are Magnificent in Stripped "No One Loves You" [PREMIERE]


If you're a fan of COIN, LANY, or joan, you're bound to adore the next rising pop act known as PHANGS. PHANGS' Jake Germany has a musical taste that's widely influenced by the early 90s so it's only logical that sounds of this decade seep into PHANGS' versatile discography. For his newest offering, PHANGS is stripping away the captivating synths and letting his rich vocals shine in "No One Loves You."

An emotional tune about unrequited love, "No One Loves You" has PHANGS asking someone to be honest with themselves and their inescapable feelings. This stripped version showcases a much more raw side to PHANGS that not many musicians are brave enough to share, and the soft guitars are just as pleasant as in the studio version. Along with "No One Loves You," PHANGS is treating us to second installment of his A/B single release, A_WRECK, which also includes the unreleased "Build Me Up."

On "No One Loves You," PHANGS exclusively shared with us,

"I wrote this song four years ago with Elle Puckett in Nashville and released as ‘N °1 Loves You’ in 2018. While on the tour with Nightly this past year, I revisited the song as a stripped down version to play live, and it became a huge fan favorite from my setlist. So after the tour wrapped up, I knew I had to re-record this intimate version and release it for the pham."

Ones To Watch has your first listen of the stripped version of "No One Loves You" below:

Catch PHANGS on 'the good life  tour' with The Band Perry this fall!


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