Rook Monroe's Debut EP 'Californialand' is Lyrically Compelling


Photo by Chris G Cleary

Songwriter Rook Monroe is no stranger to penning memorable songs. After writing for other artists, Rook Monroe decided to focus on solo music and the results of these efforts have culminated into his debut EP Californialand.  The lead singles for the EP, "Jolie," "Honey," and "Pink and Purple" are all bright, optimistic, and catchy indie pop tracks that prove Monroe's vocal ability, beat selection expertise, and personality over an instrumental.

Californialand maintains the high quality of Monroe's singles, while also showing his versatility as a songwriter. The opening track  "Dandelion" is a slow building, climactic pop song that acts as the perfect introduction to the project. The titular track  "Californialand" is a morose reflection on his own self discovery and growth. The production throughout the album by producers Trackside is simple, yet sufficiently supports Monroe's storytelling and vocal performances.  

Rook Monroe uses his past writing experiences and a variety of influences to create a personal project that introduces himself to the world as an introspective individual who has strong technical ability and charisma.

Listen to Californialand by Rook Monroe below:

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