"Sabotage" Is Finally Out, And We're In Love With JAWNY Again

Our king is back... with another funky, electrified tune. Today JAWNY brings "Sabotage" into the world, the first single off of his upcoming project For Abby. We've already been dancing to the disco  smash "Anything You Want" and breaking our heart over the e-boy love song "4Tounce," but today we scream along to the self-aware freedom ride that is "Sabotage." With lyrics boasting "I sabotage my love / Just because," Jacob Sulleneger, aka JAWNY, shares the headspace he was in during creation:

"Sabotoge is probably my most honest song on the entire project. I was feeling really defeated in the room that day and I feel like the song kinda embodies that. I wouldn't change anything about it."

Full of fun melodies, and aggressively-dance-worthy guitar riffs, we can hear a slightly new direction for the 24 year old Indie Pop, DIY, multi-instrumentalist. (Yes that list was long, did we mention he also just started a YouTube?) On an Instagram post about this new music, JAWNY vulnerably shared:

"I isolated myself into my studio for the next 5 months after ["Anything You Want"] and started my entire project over from scratch with support from my label and team and I am proud to say that next week starts the next chapter of my life and I am proud of this song and the entire project that follows."

He’s bringing his undeniable talent, and mixing it with confidence. There is no ceiling in sight for our friend JAWNY.

Listen to "Sabotage" below:

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