Treasure Emerges as a Genre Floating Butterfly in 'Plebeian (Demo)'


Self-produced in the musical utopia that is his bedroom, British artist Treasure has graced us with his stunning experimental Plebeian. The release is a dreamland of genre fusions and soulful alternative flutters, welcoming us with warm arms into a glistening treasure trove.

Plebeian emits an aura of escapism with moments of serenity interwoven throughout, all backed by poignant blasts of production. There’s surprises after surprises when it comes to Treasure, leaving us a little nugget of gold around every corner.  

The EP is an exploration into the rainbow, giving us a peek into the songwriter’s mind through a kaleidoscope of sonic colors. Treasure shares, "Self-produced over the last two years, these are tracks that haven’t found a place on any pending projects, but I feel like they deserved to see the light of day." And we’re so glad they have.

Out of seven tracks, "What We Do In The Dark" is a definitive R&B-laden standout. Starting off with glassy keys and Treasure's tender vocals before switching up to a rap moment with a flickering high-hat vibe, Treasure manages to carve out a unique pocket of serenity.  

"Conversations With Friends" is a sonic glimpse of heaven. The soundscapes leave a subtle soulful taste on your lips. Doused in gentle, nostalgic vibes the delicate acoustic guitar combined with swirling, panned shimmers create an array of experimental production techniques. This single will have you wanting to enjoy a sunset with your loved ones, appreciating each other and life.

Plebeian follows a series of releases from Treasure over the past couple years. Making a name for himself with his raw, unadulterated take on R&B, Treasure is clearly on to something special.  

Listen to Plebeian  below:

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