Ultra Q's  "Gool" Is a Moment of Guitar-Driven Ecstasy


For those of you unfamiliar with Ultra Q, it is a classic Japanese science fiction kaiju show from the '60s and one of best guitar-driven rock bands to emerge in 2019. Formerly known as Mt. Eddy, the teenage punk band announced an indefinite hiatus last year only to return a year later, like a phoenix from the ashes, with a fully realized sound and direction. It is an enthralling vision built upon encapsulating childhood nostalgia through a noted love for creating perfectly imperfect music.

"Gool" follows Ultra Q's debut single "redwood," and while it may lack the Power Rangers and Pokémon references of its predecessor, it perfectly encapsulates the next step forward for this up-and-coming punk band. Living up to their succinct Spotify bio of "guitar music," Ultra Q wastes no time revealing their penchant for heart-racing feats of guitar-driven ecstasy that would feel perfectly at home at a slightly messy house show or amidst a mosh pit at a sold-out show. Ultra Q spoke on how the exhilarating new single came to life, sharing,

"Well it was sort of a typical recording session. We had made two demos previous to the final recording that were drastically different, so that was our main challenge. The first demo was like if Will Toledo was trying to use a drum machine in the dark. Number two was just a jig. So, Jakob just merged them, hence the live and machine drums; so we're hoping it's received well. It may not be the perfect song, but we are all eager to know how this will function as a stepping stone into what comes next."

So, what is next for Ultra Q? Only time will tell, but if "Gool" is any indication, Ultra Q is a name you be hearing a lot more in the years to come.  

Listen to "Gool" below:

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