Weekly REWIND: October 1st

‘m.m.s.l.g.g.g.h.’ Benjamin Carter: Ok as always full disclosures… We fucking love Benjamin Carter, my man is pure heat, & any video that helps bridge Factory Record era Manchester sounds with current punk energy has all our attention. Director Cole Maslansky and creative director Luis Pena then raised the bar off the original track by adding crowded underground party vibes, back alley vignettes and a beautiful bathroom mirror bounce shot. Throw in Benjamin himself ripping up and down Broadway DTLA in a classic merc convertible and ya have us sold. Miss me say less get gone go home here:

‘Nobody’ Nissi feat Fireboy DML: Another classic example of a creative team smartly not getting in the way of a radiant track, especially one that oozes sensualist energy like nobody's business. Throw a couple of handsome singers into gorgeous wardrobe, wicker furniture, beautiful baroque garden estates and a classic Pontiac convertible and let the sparks light up the screen. Get in on this revelation here: 

‘You Wish’ Flyana Boss: This one's easy, take two of the most fearless content creators and let them run wild with surrealist excess, inclusive of the best mid-video brand plug Door Dash can afford. Befitting the most ambitious collisions of color since Pollack, director Brad Wong clearly has yes on his mind as he allowed the Flyna Boss ethos be captured with CGI accents, in full orange Godzilla mode, and noodling thru every wild fit a costume designer can conjure up. Press yes to wish yourself into planet Flyana Boss: 

‘Divine’ Anieszka: A slow paced, sultry & luscious song, ‘Divine’ is a song that narrows some of the cosmetic choices available to visualize. That said, the artist herself alongside videographer Daniel Cai purged the theatrics for gorgeous scenic backdrops, bathed in natural light and let the singer literally shine in the golden moments of a dying sunset, powerful but nuanced just like the song. Let some sun in on your divine day here: 

‘Cool About It’ Boygenius: This supergroup of OTW alumni might be past the point of our typical coverage, but when a terrifically poignant animated video accompanies this gorgeous song its hard not to be moved to the point of covered. Director Lauren Tsai Tok the lead on art direction as well and allowed a stirring story unfold against the backdrop of an equally gorgeous song. Hard to add to whats already here: 


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