Conan Gray - "Generation Why" [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

The last year has seen Conan Gray go from making some of the best content on YouTube to establishing himself as a lasting voice in the realm of pop. While Gray's rapid rise to fame may seem sudden to those unfamiliar with the 20-year-old viral star, for those familiar with him, his eventual venture into music has always felt like a guaranteed promise. Turning to YouTube following incessant bullying, the platform served as an outlet to express Gray's day-to-day musings and growth as both a person and a songwriter.

Now, with the release of his phenomenal debut EP, Sunset Season, under his belt, Gray's future in the world of pop is cemented. Already selling out tours across the country and receiving widespread critical acclaim, we had the honor of inviting this star on the rise to perform at our latest All Eyes On showcase. Performing "Generation Why," the lead single from his debut EP, Gray blew us away with just how amazing he sounds both on record and on the stage. And if we could not fall any more in love with the rising star, we had the pleasure to get to know the charming artist behind the ethereal music in an accompanying interview.


2018 saw the release of Gray's acclaimed debut EP and plenty more. The heavenly five-track offering marked a new high point in both bedroom pop and debut EPs. It was a debut that clearly struck a chord with more than just us, as it led to Gray's late-night television debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers, a supporting spot on Panic! At The Disco's tour, and a forthcoming headlining tour that is already near selling out. The sun does not seem to be setting on Gray any time soon.

Discover more of Conan Gray's music here.

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