Elohim's "Group Therapy" Is the Ultimate Remedy

It is no secret that music is therapeutic. Elohim exemplifies this truth in her new single, "Group Therapy," an electric song about the power of shared catharsis.

"Group Therapy" begins with a contagious groove and a group chant, immediately signaling a sense of community. The upbeat verses exhibit honest vocals steered by a hopeful melody as Elohim sings, "I'm a function of self-destruction." The pre-chorus creates a tender, confessional moment with the lyrics, "I need some help / Looking for others just like myself," reflecting the comfort of company. The entire song then drops out except for an eerily blissful laugh before the drop falls, striking us with a dark 808, an uplifting synth melody, and swelling sirens.

Elohim has been very candid about her own experiences with mental health, both on and off stage. She championed mental health awareness with the release of her empathic EP, BRAINDEAD, last year, after which she donated 100% of the May proceeds to various initiatives linked to the cause.

With this in mind, it is fitting to have "Group Therapy" also be the name of Elohim's first U.S. headlining tour, which starts tonight in Brooklyn. No matter how you're feeling, you're going to want to experience Elohim's concert therapy. After all, if music is therapeutic, then concerts are the ultimate remedy.

Listen to  "Group Therapy" below, and do not miss out on the chance to catch it live:

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