Elroy Challenges the Status Quo on  "BONES"


This past year, more and more artists have completely rejected traditional genre categorization and traded it for styles that sit in between labels. At the forefront of this movement, is the self-produced, Pennsylvania native Elroy. The enigmatic artist blends a variety of sounds and ideas, but the one commonality tying these sounds together is his deeply introspective writing and his innovative production. His 2020 Demonslayer EP is difficult to define. The project features electronic influenced hip hop instrumentals, but Elroy's vocal performances lean more pop and alternative. This combination of sounds creates something unique and personal to Elroy.

Elroy finished 2020 strong with the catchy and inventive single "PARASITE," which led to anticipation over where the artist would go next. Elroy is back with his new single "BONES" that exceeds any expectation held for the artist. The track is self-produced with additional help from Carson Thatcher and showcases exactly what makes Elroy such a captivating artist. Once again, the song merges elements of electronic, hip hop, alternative, and pop, but these influences come together in one cohesive style. Elroy's vocal performance is incredibly attention grabbing with a deep and ominous tone. The lyrical content of the track is a dejected reflection of his past while still managing to be highly catchy.

"BONES" shows that Elroy is only beginning to hit his creative stride. Each track is somehow better than the last as Elroy carves out his own niche in music. If "BONES" is an indication of what's to come, then you should be on the lookout for more new music from the artist.

Listen to  "BONES" by Elroy below:

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